Catalan bagpipes
Tarota seca
Galician Gaita
Galician gaita
The SANSLUTHIER manufactory produces 5 bagpipe models: The Celtic model, Mediterranean model, Scenry model, Traditional model (Sac de gemecs) and a basic one. They are mainly made of Mediterranean wood such like oakwood, almond, boxwood or olive.
Gaitas (Galician bagpipes) are made by SANS Luthier manufactory. We produce basic and professional models: - Goretex bag with textile cover, velvet like, black cord fringes - Ash wood, bubinga or other. - 2 pipes, 3 parts, with decor rings in black horn imitation. (Basic model without rings) Black cord fringes. Connections between the 3 parts by synthetic cork for better adjustments. Synthetic long life reed. 1 stopcock for close the drone sound if preferred. - Chanter C tuned, (finger chart closed and finger chart open), with decoration ring of black horn imitation. - The blowpipe mouthpiece can be replaced. Synthetic cork for better adjustments. - Automatic 3-part blowpipe valve (optional), patented system by SANS, you can change the tonality of 1 full tone (for example from C to D) - Standard tuning is C.
Bagpipe accessories
Accesorios Tarotas
In the Accessory section for Bagpipes you find replacement material (cane reeds), bags and other useful products.
All the manufactory production from Sans Luthier has its base on a careful wood selection. We prefer to use Mediterranean wood types if possible. Due to the diferent characteristics of each wood, the instruments can show subtile sound variations. See the list on the right for your orientation.