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The Chalumeau forms part of the clarinet family (cylindric inner bore). It has a wooden body and soprano clarinet mouthpiece with Bb reed. Its fingering is the same as the well known German flute fingering. Its origin is in the barroc until the classic epoque.
The Chalumeau SANS is an alternative to the flute; it has a warm and soft sound. We think that it is an interesting instrument for students and all curiouse people who like to experiment with this magnificient instrument. Mainly it is created for playing one octave, but also it is possible to play some notes in the second register. Its tone range goes from DO4 to RE5 and allowes also from SOL5 to Mi6 in the second register. Its tuning is DO4.

The instrument comes within a nylon protecction bag with zip closing. It includes a complete clarinet mouthpiece with reed, replacement reeds, grease stick for the cork, fingering chart.


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Manufacturer: SANS
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