Chalumeau PRO (Code: CH33)

With 3 keys

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The Chalumeau forms part of the clarinet family (cylindric inner bore). It has a wooden body and soprano clarinet mouthpiece with reed. Its fingering is the same as the well known German flute fingering. Its origin is in the classic epoque.
Thanks to the 3 silver plated keys, the tone range is increased to two and a half octaves. It goes from SI3 to SOL6. The tuning is DO4.
This way the musician will no have any limit for his musical interptetations.
Complete with zipper bag, replacement reeds (SIb), complete clarinet mouthpiece, fingering chart and grease for the cork. We produce the chalumeau with keys in bubinga wood, boxwood, almond, oak and olive wood, according to availability.
(Note: Wooden inlays will be a temporary variation, depending of the luthier's inspiration.)
See below the Fingering Chart for download.


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Manufacturer: SANS
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