Flautas tradicionales
In this seccion you will find TRADITIONAL FLUTES of differnt material and with different fingerings.
The FLABIOL is a traditional flute exclusively in the Catalan influenced territories. You can play it with the 5 fingers of the left hand. This handling makes it different to other one-hand-flutes of 3 holes, which are very popular in Europe. The instrumet is of 2 pieces, the mouthpiece and the body. However the original flabiol is with a flat mouth piece, nowadays we produce it as well with a shaped mouthpiece, like the traditional flutes. The flabiol is played with the left hand, even using the little finger, which covers the second hole on the lower side. If preferred, it can be used the right hand in addition and in order to increase the tone range of a half octave more. The traditional way is to play the flabiol with the left hand and go with a little tambour, using the right hand for the stick. The instrument tuning is F. We offer this instrument in bubinga wood, oakwood, boxwood or olive, as subject to availabitity availability.
All the manufactory production from Sans Luthier has its base on a careful wood selection. We prefer to use Mediterranean wood types if possible. Due to the different characteristics of each wood, the instruments can show subtile sound variations. See the list on the right for your orientation.